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Strong cash-flow, easily run under management

Flight Simulator News

  • Success in Australia & Egypt
    Jet flight sim is going big with a new plan for the world market after the success in Australia and Egypt and many other private buyers around the world
  • 3 New Flight Simulators - Aviation School China
    After a recent visit to Asia, Jet Flight Simulator has developed 3 new flight simulators for an Aviation School in Kunming China, with the prospect of more flight simulators to come. Each simulator is a fully operational 737-800 NG + a certified flight instruction station for advanced flight training. More information and pictures available shortly.

Jet Flight Simulator

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Cockpit Flight Simulator

Boeing 737-800NG Flight Simulator


Jet Flight Simulator manufactures and markets replica Boeing 737-800NG flight simulators for the leisure and training markets. The Simulator’s are sold as a turn-key business, not a franchise or license. This means that there are no marketing or turnover fees.


Owners therefore have the flexibility to make their own pricing decisions and run their businesses independently whilst sharing the umbrella brand of Jet Flight Simulator.

Unique Business Opportunity


There are nine businesses operating around Australia and the company is now expanding to international markets. The first USA site opened in Hollywood, Los Angeles in October 2014.


The business model has proven to be the same as in Australia with a mix of coupon site marketing as well as local magazine, newspaper and other promotional activities.

Experienced Flight Instructor
weather conditions ranging from clear sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow

Installation, Commissioning, Training and Support


The Installation Team comprises both technicians and a marketing specialist. They spend as much time as required at each new location to set up the Simulator and ensure it is fully operational.


Marketing and promotional strategies are also put in place to ensure the new business has a strong start.